DBT Family Support

The best way for clients in our program to get better is with the support of their families and loved ones. We also work with families whose loved ones may not be ready to start treatment. If someone you care about is struggling with intense emotions, we can often help you improve your relationship with them, whether or not they are ready for treatment.

Toronto DBT

Family Support Sessions

We want to equip loved ones with all the tools they need to help support our clients in their progress through our program.

In family support sessions, one or more members of a family who wish to support their loved ones meet with an individual therapist at our clinic for as many sessions as they wish to learn new skills and learn about the difficulties their loved ones may be facing.

Family support sessions are offered at our regularly hourly rates ($200-260/session) as needed. If you are interested in family support sessions, please contact our clinic.

Toronto DBT

Family Support Group Workshops

We offer Group Family Support workshops for family members and loved ones.

These workshops are usually offered for a full day on a Saturday (9-4 P.M.) for up to 20 participants.

In our Family Support Workshops we will teach you how to understand the difficulties your loved ones is facing, what skills they are learning and how you can support them in using their new skills.

We also focus some time on how you can manage your own emotions and reactions as you support your loved one with intense emotions.

We have deep respect for the family members and loved ones who choose to commit this time to learn to support our clients better.

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